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Skip Hop Silver Lining Activity Centre Review
Parenting/Baby Related

Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Centre Review

By On October 15, 2018

My husband and I have been debating whether to get Theo an activity centre for a while. By debating, I mean I’ve wanted to buy one and Lee hasn’t wanted me to… Read More

Mumba Bra Review
Parenting/Baby Related

Mumba Bra Review – An Innovative New Nursing Bra

By On October 8, 2018

Mumba Bra very kindly sent me one of their nursing bras to review recently. As a breastfeeding mum, I’ve found nursing bras to be quite hit and miss. If they’re easy to… Read More

Ikea Poang Review
Interior Design

Ikea Poang Chair Review – Our New Nursing Chair

By On October 5, 2018

I bought the Ikea Poang chair because we’ve recently moved Theo into his own room and I hadn’t realised that I’d need a chair in there to feed him during the night.… Read More

CMPA Food Intolerance Paediatrician Appointment
Parenting/Baby Related

CMPA Update: First Appointment with the Paediatrician

By On September 24, 2018

I’ve talked before about Theo’s CMPA and food intolerances and have previously posted  about it in these posts: CMPA and breastfeeding story and also my dairy free favourites for a CMPA diet. I’m currently… Read More

My Favourite Cleaning Products

My Favourite Cleaning Products & Win a Minky M Cloth!

By On September 10, 2018

Just like everyone else, I’m totally addicted to Mrs Hinch on instagram! Since my birthday I’ve become obsessed with cleaning and have been out and bought loads of cleaning products! This is so… Read More

Nap & Bedtime Routine Sleep Diary
Parenting/Baby Related

Sleep Diary Week 2 & 3: Baby Nap and Bedtime Routine

By On September 6, 2018

I’ve confused myself here and got really behind in putting up the next installment of our baby nap and bedtime routine sleep diary, unfortunately our phone line was cut by some renegade… Read More

Sleep Update
Parenting/Baby Related

5 Month Sleep Update: Nap & Bedtime Routine Vlog

By On August 27, 2018

I talked about our problems with getting Theo to sleep in my Nap & Bedtime Routine: Sleep Diary Week 1 post. In this video I talk a bit more around what we’ve… Read More

Dairy Free Favourites - CMPA Breastfeeding Diet
Parenting/Baby Related

August Dairy Free Favourites – My CMPA Breastfeeding Diet

By On August 24, 2018

I’ve done a little video to tell you all about my favourite dairy free products. Theo has  CMPA and a number of other  food intolerances so while I’m breastfeeding I’ve had to… Read More

Nap & Bedtime Routine Sleep Diary
Parenting/Baby Related

Nap and Bedtime Routine Sleep Diary: Week 1

By On August 21, 2018

If you read my Not So Smug Anymore post, you’ll know that until recently we were really lucky with Theo’s sleeping habits. We had a nap and bedtime routine from early on,… Read More

Aldi Baby Event Haul

My Aldi Baby Event Haul

By On August 19, 2018

I’ve being trying to get out of the house to the Aldi Baby Event for the last couple of days but between trying to sleep train Theo and getting trapped in my… Read More

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